Some questions about Salaat Rules and DuaSome questions about Salaat Rules and Dua
Faiyaz Ahmed asked 4 years ago

Salaam Alaikum Al-Khoei Center Staff,

  1. During Jamaat Salaat, in larger congregations, sometimes I forget to recite the ruku / “sami Allahu liman Hamida” after ruku / Sujood / Astagfirullah / Tashahud, although I have been trying to be conscious to recite these components for every Jamaat Salaat in recent years. Is reciting/pronouncing these components required in the setting of Salaatul Jamaat? Do I have to repeat my earlier Salaat from my younger years if I did not recite these?

2. Similarly, Is it required for all individuals or only the Imam us Salaat to recite the two surahs during jamaat salaat?

3. I have quite a few T-shirts that I have collected over the years. Some of them have symbols, smiley faces, cartoon characters, superheroes, logos of companies, buildings, realistic or artistic animals, creatures etc. Does wearing a shirt like this invalidate Salaat? I think actual photographs do. Similarly, my coat at work has a picture of a building, and my name on it. There is a calligraphic art of a lion Shere Imam Ali AS, Hazat Abbas AS that I see some people wear. What about pictures of holy sites, Zaree / Rozas, or other buildings?

4. As a side note, I have received an email from the Istifta Section of Syed Sistani that wearing an ID badge is Makrooh but does not invalidate Salaat, including during Hajj.

5. During Ramadhan Amaal, I went to sleep in the car during the two Duas Makarimul Akhlaq and Tawba because I needed to sleep before driving back to my home. I feel like I made a mistake. Do I need to wait a whole year until the next 23rd Ramadhan night to receive the blessings from these Duas?

Thank you and With Duas,

Faiyaz Ahmed

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Brother ( Faiyaz Ahmed)
Salam and Dua.

  1. If the Shariah rules in this regard are not known to you and there is no way to find them out, then your salat is fine. But during the salatul Jamaah, all components of salat are required to be recited except first two suras.
  2. As above
  3. Characters, symbols, or pictures on shirt during salat does not make the salat void.But it is not recommended in case of live pics. 
  4. Yes it is so.
  5. Aamaal during Ramadhan are recommended acts and there is not “Qadha” for them.