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Mark Woloszyn asked 3 years ago

Salam alaikum.
I did a mutah agreement with a girl for 3 months. My question is how we can extend the agreement after the 3 months is over or right before the 3 months expires?  I know how to do the original mutah formula from Syed Sistani’s website but haven’t found the rules on how to renew the agreement online.  Also, Can you renew for as long as you want or is there a limit to the timeframe?  Do I need to agree to another dowry when the time comes too?
Thank you

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 4 years ago

Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.

You can extend the duration on mutual understanding by new contract with new Mahar and new period of time or also you can change it into permanent nikah/ agreement.