Khums shia interpretation proofKhums shia interpretation proof
Zoher asked 4 years ago

Salaam Aleykum,
I have struggled with shia interpretations of Khums extending surah Anfal 8:41 to personal income. The basis of this is verse itself and different english translations that sometimes tend to state it is on windfall (unexpected fortune) / warbooty, the whole chapter name and the word ghanimah coming up again in same chapter. I also have Nahjul Balagah and in this on page 62 it mentions about Zakat, Sadaqat and Jaziya during caliphate of Imam Ali.
Do we have hadeeth at time time of prophet that states that person X heard prophet saying that this ayat should be extended to personal income ? Alternatively can anyone give me few hadeeth’s on this to prove our belief from different companions also including Imam Ali.
Alternatively if you can point me someone who can provide this proof.

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 5 years ago

 Assalamu Alikum,
Hope you are well. We apologize for the delay.
Khumus Ayah is clear in the Quran and all Muslims agreed on the obligation of Khumus payment, even though they have differences in the subject of Khumus.You can call us to clarify this matter.