Khums and Namaz for my deceased parentsKhums and Namaz for my deceased parents
Shumaisa asked 4 years ago

My parents(father and mother) passed away last year. I have just recently started to pay towards their Unread namazs so Someone read do it for them.
1.The amount that i am paying now and will pay in future Insha Allah, can this amount also be considered as my khums as well since i am paying to a needy person to perform namaz for my parents?
2-Also, what is the easiest way to pay backdated Khums for myself?
Thank You.

1 Answers
Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 5 years ago

Hope you are well. We apologize for the delay. The amount of money you are paying towards the Qadah Namaz for your parents doesn’t consider KHUMS. It is EXPENSES. For further information, please call us at 718-297-6520 #101.

Al-Khoei Islamic Center Administration