Mojtaba Nouri asked 3 years ago

Assalamu aleykum,
My mother is a follower of Sayed Al-Khoei and wonders if it is ok to change her following to Sayed Al-Sistani.

She also wonders if she can give her khums to poor people in Iraq and Iran, if not, where can she give her khums?

1 Answers
Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 3 years ago

Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.
You can give 1/3 of sehm-e-Imam to poor people on your behalf with the condition to send the rest of the money to the foundation. You also can send the whole to Imam Al-Khoie Foundation, and we can send them the needy people.