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Sayed M asked 3 years ago

Salam alaikom,
I sent the following to but they never respond. Therefore, I am sharing my questions and comments with you.
1- Ahlul Bayt (as) were not meant to be intercessors and to compete with their Creator’s direct connection with His servants. Rather, Ahlul Bayt was Purified to be an exemplary and legitimate role model for future generations. They were create not to constantly “intercede” On behalf of the Muslims but that their lofty actions and intentions would be copied for greater social well-being.
That’s why it’s so ridiculous to watch the people in Iran shouting ‘Ya Imam Zaman!’, ‘Ya Hussein!’, ‘Ya Fatimatu Zahra!’ during last deluge that carried away people and property.
Why couldn’t the people say ‘Ya Arham ar Rahimeen!’, ‘Ya Ghaffar!’, ‘Ya Dhul Jalale wal Ikraam!’, ‘Ya Maalik al Mulk!’, ‘Ya Hayy!’, ‘Ya Wayyum!’?
Thanks to erroneous interpretation of the Prophet’s Family‘s true role and place, the ulema have programmed citizens to call on Ahlul Bayt for anything to solve and alleviate their sufferings.
Question: If the Qur’an itself continuously insists upon remembering Allah (awj) to get nearer to Him, to praise and glorify Him, to bring comfort to heart, to heal one’s anxieties, etc., why does this website, the hawzas and ulema never want to encourage the Shia to learn and call on Allah more often? Why do you not replace this corrupt system of human intercession with teaching people to memorize Asma al Husna, the names of Allah and appeal to Him frequently? Surely, on Day of Judgement you will be questioned that why did you discourage the Shia Muslims from memorizing Allah’s holy names and attributes?
2-There are similarities between shia Islam and Christianity as in the following: Just as most Christians constantly remember and call upon Jesus (as) [‘Jesus saved me’, ‘Jesus healed me, etc.], plus sanctifying intercession of Christian saints and depicting them in paintings, the Shia wrongfully mimics them by calling on Imams [ya Hussein, ya Ali, etc.] and by displaying paintings of Imams. Whereas the Holy Qur’an repeatedly demands calling on Allah(awj), and remembering Him through His glorious names And attributes, you the ulema, out of excess and fake rewayaat [Dr. Hujjatul Islam Qaraati says 40,000 rewayaat were false] have significantly reduced the importance of memorization and dhikr of The Creator’s names so much that now nearly all Shias call out names of Ahlul Bayt and Imams day and night without ever calling Allah’s names too.
3-If you say dhikr of Allah’s names is unimportant as the Qur’an recommends, what were the Ahlul Bayt calling upon in times of need, illness, calamities, difficulties, death? Were they calling each other’s names back and forth and satisfied with that? Is that how they got nearer to their Creator in taqwa, by ignoring Asmaa al Husnaa as the Shia does today? Factual history says no, they never called on anyone, for fear of committing shirk, and Allah the perpetually praised and glorified would never raise their status if they claimed healing powers and sainthood such that the Imams’ human powers compete for attention more than Him who created them. Rather, it is you who over centuries have corrupted the actual place of Ahl al Bayt and Imams as unmatched role models for Muslim community by their pure and pious actions. You and your ancestors caved into trickery and cleverness to completely overwhelm the senses of every Shia to such a degree that in times need, all they can proclaim is ‘Ya so and so!’  That person, due to excessive reliance on false rewayaat, forgets that the earthquake, the illness, the loss of life or property is firmly in the hands of his/her Creator, and the Imams cannot do anything.
Lastly, if there is intercession, it is saved for Yawm al Qiyamah, when it’s really needed, per Allah’s words in the Holy Qur’an. Yet you have turned intercession into a game of hide and seek, a plaything, through which you the Shia ulema have manipulated the public in order to control the narrative of Ahlul Bayt and their true place for their earthly existence. By Allah,  on day of judgment, they will deny all your allegations of ever having had supernatural powers.
“Cleverness is not wisdom“—Euripides

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 3 years ago

Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.
When parents are alive, they are free to use their wealth or assets in the ways they want under the Sharia guidelines. When they die then if there is any will he left then it needs to be followed. Otherwise his inheritance will be distributed among his the closest relatives like spouse, kids, parents, siblings according to the Sharia rules. In your case, the father has no right to discriminate or to deny any of his children.
Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.
Alcohol with perfume is considered Tahir and it is allowed to perform Salat with it.
Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.

If you want to do research on faith-based social trends in our community or other scholarly subjects, our library is open Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. No one knows and controls the minds and hearts so we cannot judge based on our limited apparent observations and also it is not our duty. The most Merciful Allah will deal with his servants in the best, just and the merciful way.

Shortly, there is no point of argument that Allah Almighty has the absolute power and no one else shares His power. No one is worthy to worship except him. If some associates anyone with Him Almighty in his realm of monotheistic domain with intention of accepting the worthiness of that being to be worshipped then it’s clearly shirk. But we cannot judge anyone’s intention based on our observation or opinion Allah Almighty himself knows about the hearts so He will deal with such person. Tauheed is the fundamental belief of our faith.

Allah has chosen Prophet Muhammad among all prophets for the highest position in guidance and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) and after him Imams from his Alhulbait (Peace be upon them). So we follow them in all matters of faith and life matters.
We ask Allah to grant his blessings in our Salat and our beloved Prophet and Ahlulbaith (Peace be upon them) and we take Prophet and Ahlulbaith in our prayers because they are the divine guides and the most blessed figures.
You are right we need to emphasize to do more dhikir of Allah Almighty, But also the dhikir of Ahlulbaith takes us closer to Allah Almighty too. He also asks us to seek Waseela to him. Who is better waseelah to Allah than Ahlulbaith (Peace be upon them)