fatima asked 4 years ago

Asalamoaleekum ,
I am fatima ahmed.
I am writing in to get advice on a confidential matter. Plz do not advertise content of my message publicly.
I come from abusive family, where beating, cursing name calling, constant fighting  , giving bad Duaa is ongoing routine.
This legacy has been set by my father.
Due to oppression and intoxicating environment of my house I have been suffering from Anger-Related Problems for decades.
I used to vent out my frustration on to my mother. Who was very kind , polite and humble lady.
Sometimes, my heart went very insensitive towards her.
I had been disrespectful, verbally abusive. Moreover, I hurt my mother with angry outbursts.
On many occasions, I made bad duaa (curse) of her death out of anger.
But recently again I lost control and made Bad duaas against her to die.
And within few weeks she suddenly and quickly died of heart attack.
During that time, I was not talking to her as I was in my angry mood.
I did not take care of her medication as I thought she would take it by herself.
Most important of all, I was not able to say sorry to her.
i love her so much . Now I regret every moment of it.  i am responsible for her death.
1- plz tell me if my bad duaa is a cause of her death?

2- Secondly, after her death I saw a dream that i am with my mother and I hugged her saying to her ‘’ Ammi Jann ! insa Allah I will be with you.  very soon. I will come and be with you insa Allah’’.

Please kindly reply and give answer to my 2 questions in the light of Islam.

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 5 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum ,
Hope you are in a good health,
May Allah ( S.W) reward you for what has afflicted you and bless your Mother. Her righteousnesses are to perform salat on her behalf, Recite Qur’an and give Sadaqa.
Thank You,
Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center Administration