The Supreme Religious Authority Office called on the Iraqi people to take more precautions and caution, while stressing the need to pay attention to the application of preventive measures.

This came during a statement issued this Saturday morning (13 / Shawwal / 1441 AH) corresponding to (6 June 2020). The statement is as follows:

Dear Iraqis,

In the name of God, The most Compassionate, The most Merciful

In these difficult days, when the number of Corona patients in various parts of Iraq, especially Baghdad, is increasing at an unprecedented rate, we once again invite you to be more careful and we emphasize to take the necessary precautionary measures suggested by the concerned authorities, such as avoiding gathering with others, keeping social distance, using masks and washing and disinfecting your hands.

According to the experts, the strict observance of such measures is effective in preventing the spread of this epidemic and reducing the number of patients, so the observance is very important and necessary and negligence is not permitted in this regard, especially since the country is suffering from the lack of facilities to provide medical care for the increasing number of patients who are being hospitalized every day.

Preventing the spread of this disease by using all potential and facilities in the current situation is the public responsibility of both citizens and officials, and everyone should be aware of this great responsibility and work together to overcome this difficult stage with minimum casualties and consequences.

It is important to note that medical and nursing staff have a great deal to do in treating and caring for their patients, and they and their families suffer so much that few people can understand it. They risk their lives in this way, while the number of infected people among them has increased, so everyone should try to reduce their pain and suffering by insisting on taking preventive measures against the virus so that the number of patients does not double and makes them suffer from additional problems and increases the difficulty of their tasks.

In this way, we respectfully tell them that we are so proud of their hard works, and we appreciate their continuous efforts and great sacrifices in serving the people and performing their religious, national and human duties, and we ask God Almighty to protect them and reward them in the best way and may goodness and health and blessings be upon them. We also ask God Almighty to provide immediate healing for the patients and to remove calamity and disease from everyone as God is the One who most grants and is the Best Hearer.