Conference on Intra-faith Alliance Against Radicalism

What: Conference on Intrafaith Alliance Against Radicalism When: Sat, July 1, 2017 at 4p.m. Where: Imam Al-Khoei Foundation, New York Speakers: Syed Faisal Raza Abidi, Former Senator, Senate of Pakistan / Spokesman Martyrs of Pakistan Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Imam Masjid Al-Iman / Executive Producer, Muslim Community Report Sheikh Fadhel Al-Sahlani, Director, Imam Al-Khoei Foundation

The Alavi Foundation

The Alavi Foundation has been supporting educational, cultural, religious, humanitarian and community programs for decades. It has promoted interfaith tolerance and moderate and progressive Islamic causes, helping to integrate Muslims with the American society while also preserving Persian history and culture. The impact that the Foundation has had on the Shi’a community cannot be denied. More