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Zainab asked 5 years ago

Salaam Alaikum Sheikh,
hope all is well.
My family and I have are in a process of purcahsing a new home for us. When we had seen the property, we were not aware that the owners had a dog. We were made aware of hen it is not possible to back out from it. We were told that the dog has been with them for 6 months and is not allowed in their main living room. Whatever the case maybe, we need to clense/remove the najast from the home prior to moving in. Can you please adviise on doing it the right way.
Note: this is an urgent request, please assist at your earliest.

1 Answers Staff answered 5 years ago

Wa alaikum as salam,
You have to remove the hair of the dog from your house. Everything else in the house is to be considered tahir (clean) unless you know that it was made najis (unclean) by the dog through Rutubah (wetness such as saliva, urine or feces).