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Maysoon asked 5 years ago

I have been married for more than 23 years by a man who claimed that he was a medical doctor. Because Saddam was still ruling Iraq my parents could not very anything. After marriage he worked for 4 months and quit until now. He played a game of every excuse there is. I discovered his lie about his degree and he is only a high school graduate but kept quiet because we had a daughter. I had to work because of his debt that he had even before we got married and didn’t tell me about it. He was extremely rude, yells at everyone, throw things at us and breaks everything. Now we are separated, have 2 girls and they hate him with a passion. My 2 questions are I worked because I had to, did not have Nyia for Allah sake. Would this be considered Sadaqa for me since women do not have to be the provider for the family and I was the only provider. Also are my girls “Haram girls “ since the whole marriage started with a big fat lie. I am not at peace with this. Please help me and give me a true answer.

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Marriage was correct even if he was a liar. Providing sustenance is the responsibility of the husband and whatever you earn is yours to keep. If you like, to divorce him because he is not providing you with the sustenance, call us on telephone number 718-297-6520 ext. 113 for more details.