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Mohammad Enayet Jamal asked 6 years ago
  1.  Are Bats considered birds, so that we can consider their Urine & excretion pak. najis cloths left out side overnight in anticipation of rain. would they be tahir after it rains? there is chance some extra najast may fall on cloths when they are out side overnight.
  2.  I work as software support & developer for Health & human services in regulatory division. Sotfware system are used to regulate health providersto check if they are following  regulations. Through these system penalties are also accessed on the providers.When they apply there financial are checked , through asking like their line of credit, their loan , interest income.
  3. There is a system for health providers to check on personnal if they have any misconduct ( employee is accussed of infraction with client) . On recieving complain employee is sent letter that they can request hearing than formal hearing or Judicial hearing to reverse the judgement, Appeal with in certain days. My job is to support software, make changes or rarley correct data.

I am following Ayt Sistani , but remain on Ayt Khoie. I would be grateful for the answeres. I call if that would be preferable.

1 Answers Staff answered 6 years ago

Wa Alaikum Salam
Although bat’s urine is najis but your clothes are Tahir unless you know they became najis.
If najasat is removed from the clothes after raining then clothes are Tahir