Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsSalamalaikum. I am Rabab Fatima due to corona .my husband lossed his job I have finished all my savings. Today I have no money for leaving. Indian bank didn\’t give loan for startup new business with out any security. We have 2little kids. I am an Indian nurse also but in pvt sector there is no vacancy. I want to contact you Lucknow I try to contact tanzeemul makhatib trust .please help me
Rabab fatima asked 10 months ago


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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 10 months ago

Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.
You can contact Najfi House in Bombay. the address is 159 Nishanpara Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra Ph number: (+91 22) 23403295, 23406353.