ramin vandaie asked 5 months ago

Assalamo alaykom,
I had a question regarding the payment of Mehrieh to my wife. I got married 12 years ago and at the time, as is customary in Iran, the Mehrieh was set pretty high at 700 gold coins (sekke bahar azadi) which was clearly beyond my ability to pay at the time and hence, was determined as End-al-motalabah. Over the years, thank God, my financial situation has improved and occasionally, I find myself with large sums of money at the end of my Khoms year. To avoid having to pay khoms on those sums (often thousands of dollars), I use them to pay part of my wife’s Mehrieh. I have continued to do this over the years which has led to me paying off a big portion of her Mehrieh and I plan to continue until it’s fully paid off.
Q1) Did the determination of such high Mehrieh at the time of our marriage cause any issues since it was beyond my ability to pay?
Q2) Is my practice of partial Mehrieh payments with excess cash at the end of some Khoms years acceptable and are the partial payments khoms-free as stated in the Resale Amaliyeh? Given the high amount of full Mehrieh, is it ok to continue this practice for several years until it is fully paid off and wouldn’t this make the money my wife receives from me Mashbooh in any way?
Please advise.
Sorry for the long message and thanks for your time.

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Fadhel Al-Sahlani Staff answered 5 months ago

Salamun Alaikum! Hope you are doing well. We are sorry for replying you late.
1. It is permissible to set any amount of Mehriieh
2. It is permissible to pay the Mehria in installment.