Sunday, February 07, 2016
Religious Leaders and Elected Officials Condemn Firebombing
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, District Attorney Richard Brown, Speaker Christine C. Quinn, other Elected Officials and Religious Leaders from Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslims Communities attended a press conference at Imam Al-Khoei Foundation on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 in a strong show of support after Molotov cocktails hit Al-Khoei Foundation, a Hindu house of worship, and two other locations in Queens this weekend.

From Left to Right: Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sheikh Maan Al-Sahlani,
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, District Attorney Richard Brown and Al-Khoei Foundation's UN Rep. Meesam Razvi.

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"Whether it was senseless violence or a hate crime will be determined down the road. But in either case we're just not going to tolerate it in this city. And fortunately the number of incidents like this are very low, but one is one too many," Bloomberg said.

“This man, whoever did this, he must be punished to fullest extent of the law. This is terrible. And to just throw bombs when you don’t even know who’s inside, that’s wrong. That’s wrong and it’s not right for Queens,” said Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.

Authorities have now announced that a man confessed Tuesday to five recent firebomb attacks in Queens and Long Island and he is now facing charges including arson as a hate crime.

Police Commissioner, Elected Officials and Religious leaders Address the Press Conference.

While damage to the Foundation was minimal and no one was hurt, there were about 80 people inside at the time. The Foundation also houses a full time Pre-K to Grade 12 school.

"We were a little bit anxious and a bit nervous in the beginning because we weren't sure. But now after having seen all the support that we have been receiving it is very reassuring," said Al-Khoei Foundation UN Representative Meesam Razvi.

"Yes it was a bit scary because we deal with kids but I hope everything is gonna be fine," said teacher Rehana Nassar.

“We are one family. If one gets hurt, all the family gets hurt. So, we have to be shoulder to shoulder,” added Sheikh Maan Al-Sahlani. 



















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